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mobile friendly


WordPress & DIVI


DIVI has the advantage of having many features onboard – which makes a lot of plugins unnecessary

advantage is stability and speed



WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible online shop system with many options, and it works stable

easy to scale

Email Marketing


Just a simple website does not have the full potential. A newsletter system is very helpful to build a good relationship with your customers

powerful for communication

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A website is individual and represents you and even more your business.

The website is your first contact for your visitors to you and your offer. It is the first impression, which makes a visitor stay or leave your website.

To make your website visitors to your clients, it is necessary and my first priority to understand your project fully and most of all, clear communication.

For your website to transport your message to your visitor, it needs to understand who your clients are.

I have some standard packages listed below for an estimate. Get in contact with me to get your customized offer. You are also welcome to check out my finished projects.

In our times, it is even more necessary to have a system and not just a website. Automatisation, web shop, newsletter system, booking system, and so on.
The website is the connection between you and your future customer.

Let’s get your project done.

Web design by Paul Schmidt with WordPress and Divi

Below you can find some of my recent projects. Some of them are even still in progress, because these websites still grow as the services of the clients.

Selection of website projects

Urlaub Curacao für Urlaub auf Curacao

Urlaub Curacao – a German website with information for vacations in Curacao

Mount Elgon Trekkers – a website for a tour guide for Mountain Elgon trekking in Uganda

sipi falls tours website vreated by paul schmidt

Sipi Falls Tours – a website for a tour guide in Sipi, Uganda

Come2Uganda – a Website for a safari company in Uganda

RPS Cars – a simple website for a car rental in Curaçao

Welsch works – a website for a consultant in Germany

Sipi Villey Resort – a website for a Lodge / Resort in Sipi, Uganda

Rafiki Lodge Sipi – a website for a Lodge in Sipi, Uganda

webdesign for crows nest sipi

Crows Nest Sipi – a Website for an accommodation in Sipi, Uganda

Why choosing me


You get a website, that represents YOU


Responsive design, focused and optimized for mobile devices


Easy to navigate and a user-friendly website


Fast-loading, functional, and optimized for user experience


Easy to adjust and extendable for future growth and expansion.

*We accept Euro too

additional services

Search engine optimization – SEO


You want your website to be seen on google?

I am cooperating with SEO experts who can get your project in a much better position.

Your project will be taken care of by real experts.

Serious SEO starts at $499,-* which will give you real and long-term results. 

Professional copywriting

Most business and website owners underestimate the importance of good copy.

One might have a great product, but without a persuasive copy, it is more difficult to sell.

In cooperation with professional copywriters, I can offer you additional services.

If you want to do business online, you need a good copy on your website.

Price upon request 

Privacy policy / GDPR


When it comes to this topic I am cooperating with GDPR experts, who are up to date with all the regulations.

This topic is getting more serious and sometimes very tiresome. You can source this topic to those who know what it’s all about.

Especially for European Business owners, or Businesses dealing with European clients, this topic should be taken into account.

We offer our expert service starting from $399,-*. 

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web design with wordpress and Divi by Paul Schmidt

About me

web design by Paul Schmidt - WordPress with Divi

Hi, I’m Paul Schmidt, and offering you my knowledge and experience from over 20 years of web design.

I was born in Asia, grew up in Germany and my place of residence is the Caribbean Island of Curaçao. I love traveling and photography a lot, and it can happen that you might find me exploring other countries.

Being location independent, I work from anywhere in the world and it happens that I might be traveling for some months. But I still love my Island Curaçao and this is where I feel at home.

After working with different systems and lots of different themes, I changed to WordPress some years ago and the Divi theme, which offers me fully flexible work with countless possibilities. The limit is the own imagination and creativity.

You get a top modern and always customizable website. Your business is allowed to change and grow – your website grows with you and your business.

What do I love? Clear communication to create the perfect website experience for you – and I love coffee and cake.

Who are my clients? Consultants, Start-Ups, and anyone who needs a website or a redesign of the website.